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Letter from the Editors


Caroline Alphin ,

ASPECT, Virginia Tech, US
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Mario Khreiche,

ASPECT, Virginia Tech, US
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Shelby Ward

ASPECT, Virginia Tech, US
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In recent years, the discourse around resilience has generated controversy among activists and scholars.Construed as adaptability and capacity to resist external pressures, resilience has often been rendered an admirable feature of indigenous populations, readily appropriable to neoliberal narratives and practices.In this context, Julian Reid has advanced a critical intervention in the discourse, challenging the pervasive assumption that resilience is an unequivocally desirable quality and, ultimately, questioning whether it remains a useful concept today.SPECTRA decided to dedicate issue 6.2 to the topic of resilience, not so much to resolve the question, but rather to present resilience as a multilayered term interfacing with global struggles, precarious subjectivities, and aesthetic representations.
How to Cite: Alphin, C., Khreiche, M. and Ward, S., 2018. Letter from the Editors. Spectra, 6(2), pp.3–4. DOI:
Published on 28 Aug 2018.


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