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Letter from the Editors


Shelby Ward ,

Virginia Tech, US
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Mario Khreiche

Virginia Tech, US
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For the first issue within our tenure as editors, we decided to not release a call with a defined theme. Instead, we chose to let those researchers whose work fits within the scope of SPECTRA (the Social, Political, Ethical, and Cultural Theory Archives) to develop the direction(s) of issue 6.1. The contributions are current and insightful both on their own terms and, we think, in juxtaposition with one another. In typical SPECTRA fashion, the present issue features integrative theoretical explorations, innovative philosophical analyses, imaginative empirical research, and pertinent political science. We find the articles to be especially timely, given the current political and social atmosphere. We are proud that SPECTRA continues to draw a wide array of researchers who apply critical lenses to ongoing concerns.
How to Cite: Ward, S. and Khreiche, M., 2017. Letter from the Editors. Spectra, 6(1). DOI:
Published on 08 Sep 2017.


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