This is the cover image. It displays a combination of images that communicate a feeling of confusion and dispair
39x27-Mixed Media (Acrylic, Color Pencil, Pastel, Chalk Pastels)
In the collection of Shabnam Kavousi.


The painting presented here is named "Journey" and it tells the story of an emotional journey. It is loosely based on the artist's own story of leaving her country and family to pursue a different and brighter future not available to her in her home country. The artist has intentionally left the story vague so viewers can interpret that differently to represent the story and transition that occurs in the life of many women. The painting is comprised of three episodes and the story can be interpreted from left to right, as the girl in the painting is afraid of her future and the transformation that she is facing, the crows in the mirror portray this fear.

She eventually overcomes her fear but remains in a state of limbo and is not certain if she made the right decision. The fall season portrayed in the second episode is to show her uncertainty regarding the decision she has made, also with a closer look it can be seen that the trees are rooted in blood, which emphasizes the difficulty of the decision she has made. In the last episode, her doubts regarding the future are getting brighter and she sees herself on the brink of a new future as she is standing in the doorway and looking at the horizon. Her decision of whether continuing or quitting is up to interpretation. The calligraphy that is on top of the painting is a poem in Persian, which has intentionally been written in a manner that cannot be easily read, which adds to the mystery of the message.

Copyright (c) 2016 Shabnam Kavousi